About Kyriake

Hello! I'm Kerry (Kyriake is my Greek name). It's so lovely to meet you! I am a provisional psychologist who lives in Melbourne, Australia. I am in my final year of a Master of Psychology (Counselling). I enjoy painting, writing, taking pictures, making things and helping people to be the best they can be. My favourite colours are purple and turquoise. In the spring and summer I enjoy going to the beach, going for bike rides, having picnics in the sun and spending time with my family and boyfriend. In the autumn and winter I enjoy drinking tea, watching movies, shaking it in Zumba classes, taking short trips to rain forests and reading books in front of fireplaces. I love to paint my nails pretty and get dressed up. I am interested in psychology, philosophy, spirituality, fashion and magick. I love to collect pictures of pretty things on Pinterest, and to record my life in pictures on Instagram. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures here and get inspired by the stories, articles and pictures I share with you! xx